Avoid ‘dangerous’ statements on bifurcation: Jairam

Union Minister for Rural Development Jairam Ramesh on Saturday appealed to the leaders of all political parties to restrain from making ‘dangerous’ statements that could make the process of bifurcation painful.

“The Bill can only go so far. But unless the political process unites people rather than dividing people, the bifurcation process will be very very painful,” Ramesh said while appealing all to cooperate in smooth bifurcation. He said that no Bill could instill confidence among people if the political leaders continue to make dangerous statements. He said some statements made in the recent past have led to fear and uncertainty.

Jairam Ramesh said that the Telangana Bill should discussed in the Assembly and then it would come to the Parliament for debate. He said that the Bill might reach the Assembly on Monday. He made it clear that the Telangana Bill defines Telangana with 10 districts and Hyderabad as its capital.

He also said that a Bundelkhand-type package has been proposed for the development of Rayalaseema region. When asked about Rayala Telangana proposal, he said that it would considered if the State Assembly supports it. (INN)