Automation might cause World War III: Alibaba founder

Hangzhou, China: Alibaba founder Jack Ma said advanced technologies seeking to replace humans at workplaces, can trigger Third World War. He referred to excessive automation as the need of human workforce is decreasing.

While mentioning the jobs that could no longer exist for humans with the advent of automation, the Chinese billionaire told CNBC that “the rich and poor — the workers and the bosses — will be increasingly defined by data and automation unless governments show more willingness to make hard choices.”

“World leaders have a duty to educate people to prevent the pain caused by a rapid rise in automation and artificial intelligence,” he added.

A study by Oxford University has suggested that in future 100 professions or occupations are at risk of being eliminated by automation.

He said that technology is disrupting the global order, which can become a cause of WW-III, Mr Ma said: “The first technology revolution caused World War 1. The second technology revolution caused World War 2. This is the third technology revolution.”