AutoExpo2018: UNO Minda unveils TD118 Auto and Moto

New Delhi: UNO Minda Group recently unveiled the Technology Demonstrator TD118 Auto and Moto (first of this series) with incorporated technologies ranging from ADAS to stylish LED Lamps.

The TD118 is an approach of UNO Minda to showcase its capabilities in terms of advanced features, technologies and innovations for automobiles.

In addition, all UNO Minda Group Companies together showcased more than 20 product lines .The theme of the UNO Minda stall was Connecting Ideas to Technologies and the depicted product lines justified the theme with Smart + Connected technology demonstration.

The design and features of the TD118 Auto and Moto has been done to ensure it meets high customer standards and appeals to its end customer.

The key features included in TD118 Auto are Android IVI (Integrated HVAC, ADAS, TPMS).

The infotainment unit is based on Android 8.0 (Oreo) which is designed for Automotive use and is powered by a powerful Quad core ARM processor. It has 10″ portraits HD display with IPS technology. The system has voice enabled Google assistant for convenient interactions with system. The system has unique premium sound experience through amplifier, door speakers, tweeters and roof mounted speakers.

The IVI is a central hub for all infotainment, ADAS and vehicle integration features. An integrated HMI facilitates functions like HVAC control, tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS), Service reminders and appointment.

The Advance Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) are based on RF, ultrasonic and camera-based technologies. ADAS features include Rear and Front Park Assist equipped with auto parking, Cross Traffic Alert, Door Open Warning, Blind Spot Detection and “Around View Monitoring”.

The complete user experience right from the concept, ideation and HMI design has been realised at UNO Minda in-house design studio.

UNO Minda engaged with OEMs and end users for the last several years. It is apparent that the need for connected vehicles exists more strongly in emerging markets like India. We offer end to end connected vehicle solutions from TCU to IT solutions and ongoing customer support services.

TD118 Auto is getting connectivity through AIS-140 complaint Telematics Control Unit (TCU). The connectivity architecture includes Microsoft Azure powered cloud platform, TCU and Smart Phone App for end user.

TD118 Moto has TNAV, which is handlebar mounted display unit. It is based on Bluetooth low energy technology for turn by turn navigation and other important notifications from the rider’s smartphone.

Successful lighting design creates an experience that satisfies a driver’s interest and curiosity and is based on global trends and identification of appropriate advanced technologies.

TD118 Auto has signature styled full LED headlamps with a dynamic welcome feature, ‘3D sculpted’ bi-functional projector with matrix LED’s. The DRL is a three step lighting sequence which also doubles as sequential indicators creating a ‘wow’ effect when it lights up. These kinds of experience were once limited to luxury cars.

UNO Minda aspires to bring an engaging experience to every car owner. Another experience example is the AFS technology which adapts to the vehicle’s speed, movement and steering angle to provide light to the user in any terrain condition.

The vehicle has complete LED lamps including the rear lighting assembly. The lighting products today are seen as functional and aesthetic elements which define the vehicle’s character. The full LED rear lighting assembly shows 3D surfaces lit up creating a ‘molten-metal’ look which acts as the tail and the series of LED’s aligned in a signature style works as the stop function. The sequential indicators appear to be floating due to the unique ‘floating’ style.

TD118 Moto also has full LED lighting systems. The front lighting system bears bi-functional LED projectors which projects high beam and low beam. The styling of the lamp is carefully ‘sculpted’ to harmonise with the Sugomi design language of the motorbike. If one pays attention, the ‘angry, frowning’ style is visible from the front making it even more aggressive. The indicators also LED keeping it sporty, light and compact.

The rear lighting sports the signature ‘Z’ that reflects the style of the motorbike. The symmetric mirrored Z’s which are sculpted forms, act as the tails function. The LED series below the tail acts as the stop function along with the sporty turn indicators and number plate light.

The increasing advancements in the four wheeler and two wheeler technologies are leading to integration of additional functions and switches in the vehicles.

TD118 Moto showcases a unique combination of handle bar switches which have been designed in-house to not only follow the design language of the vehicle but also focuses on the ergonomics of the rider.

The handle switch incorporates technologies such as low amperage switch domes, micro-switching and LIN communication. This is designed to meet IP67 sealing requirements.

TD118 Auto has multiple ergonomic switches for functions like capacitive sense based start stop switch, an SOS switch and power window switch panel with anti-pinch feature based on a hall effect sensor.