Auto driver’s daughter Farhana of Gujarat tops 12th exam with 99.72% marks

Jamalpur: If there is a firm determination, even the adverse circumstances could be turned positive and the hard work yields success. Farhana Bawani is the daughter of Farooq Bawani who is an auto driver. He earns Rs. 8000-10000 per month. Despite financial difficulties, he concentrated on the education of his daughter. She passed 12th class examination with science subjects securing 99.72% marks, but she is not very happy since Gujarati paper of NEET was more difficult than English paper. Now, that the valuation of NEET papers is in progress, she has an apprehension that it would be difficult for her to get through the test.

Farhana Bawani worked hard during the two years education at intermediate level. She had a firm determination that she would get a seat in MBBS. She also wanted to get this seat only through counseling.

Her mother, Shameem Bawani told that her daughter is not happy despite getting 99.72% marks at intermediate level because she may not be able to clear NEET. She further told that no person in her family got education beyond 12th standard. She said that the problem has to be resolved. The girl belonged to FD School of Jamalpur. She said that it has been her earnest desire to become a doctor. She also said that her father always encouraged her to get education and never disappointed her.

–Siasat News