Autistic society concludes summer program

Jeddah, July 31 – The Saudi Autistic Society’s branch in Makkah concluded its month-long summer activities Saturday. It held various rehabilitation programs for autistic children with different levels of the disease and supported their families by providing education and training courses carried out by child autism specialists.

The closing ceremony was held at the society’s offices in the presence of the children and their families.
Ahmad Humoud Al-Ghuraibi, Director General of the branch, said the society organizes the programs in summer for the children to use their free time doing something useful. Society and its institutions need to care for these people, he said.

Al-Ghuraibi said the society seeks to serve autistic children and their families. For this purpose, the society is developing its human and financial resources, and is competing with others in terms of introducing services for autistic children as per international standards,” he added.
“The society analyzes and studies the programs it introduces. We aim to make the children acquire various skills – social, linguistic, communication, academic, and behavioral – in addition to independence, sensing, movement and other skills.”

The society also diagnoses autistic cases; trains them to use computers and practice artistic and handicraft skills, he said. “The society’s vision lies in improving the life of persons with autism and their families based on scientific and practical fundamentals,” he added.

One of the society’s goals is to spread awareness about the disease, its symptoms, ways to diagnose it and ways of medical intervention, he said.
He said the society aims to develop its website to interact and communicate with families, academics and those working in the field.

Al-Ghuraibi thanked the society’s Chairman, Prince Turki Bin Naser Bin Abdul Aziz, “for his unlimited support for all of the society’s activities”. He also thanked Vice Chairman Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Suwailem, and Secretary General Dr. Tal’at Al Wazna, and all employees “in this important national, social project.”