Australian faces terror charges after Bangladesh trip plan

Sydney: A Sydney man has been charged with allegedly planning terrorism acts after he was stopped from travelling to Bangladesh following a luggage search, police said Sunday. Nowroz Amin, 26, was blocked from flying in February 2016 after officials at Sydney Airport found clothing and material on electronic devices that “indicated his support for extremist ideology”, the Australian Federal Police said.

After a “lengthy” and “complex” investigation, he was arrested on Sydney’s outskirts by counter-terrorism officers on Saturday. Police allege Amin was “planning to travel to Bangladesh to meet with people who held similar beliefs and to possibly engage in terrorist acts outside of Australia”.

He was charged with three offences, including preparing for incursions into foreign countries for the purpose of engaging in hostile activities, and acts done in preparation for terrorist acts.

Two of the charges carry maximum penalties of life imprisonment.

Amin did not apply for bail in a Sydney court Sunday. He is due to return to court in August.

Police did not say where Amin had allegedly planned terrorist acts, but said there was no current threat to the community.

Canberra has been increasingly concerned by homegrown extremism and citizens fighting with jihadist organisations abroad such as Islamic State.

The country has introduced sweeping counter-terrorism laws since 2014 that include blocking alleged jihadists from going overseas.