Australian baby’s head reattached to severed spinal cord in ‘miracle’ surgery

Brisbane: Sixteen-month-old, Jaxon Taylor is laughing, walking and playing again after just a few weeks after being internally decapitated.

In mid-September, Jaxon, his mother Rylea and nine-year-old sister Shayne were travelling on a highway to move into their new home in Queensland when a speeding car driven by a teen crashed into them.

“For a split second I saw dust and then the force hit,” Rylea wrote in a petition after the crash.

Shayne suffered fractured vertebrae and had to undergo a three-and-a-half surgery to stop internal bleeding.

But when Rylea picked up her baby, she knew something was seriously wrong.

“The second I pulled him out, I knew that his neck was broken,” she told 7 News Australia.

His head had internally detached from the vertebrae of his spine.

Jaxon was airlifted to a Brisbane hospital where orthopedic surgeon Dr. Geoff Askin and his team performed a six-hour surgery on the baby.

A metal halo brace was attached to Jaxon’s skull and his vertebrae were reattached using a piece of wire, then grafted together with a piece of his rib.

Askin said it was one of the worst injuries he had ever seen and that most children would not have survived it.

“It is a miracle,” Rylea said.


Jaxon will have to wear his halo brace for two months, but is on the path to recovery.



–Courtesy “Global News”