Australia recognises Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim President

Canberra: Australia, on Monday, extended its support to Venezuela’s National Assembly President, Juan Guaido, recognising him as the interim President until elections are held.

“Australia recognises and supports the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, in assuming the position of interim president,” Marise Payne, Australia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, tweeted.

The nation made its decision “in accordance with the Venezuelan constitution and until elections are held”.

“We now urge all parties to work constructively towards a peaceful resolution of the situation, including a return to democracy, respect for the rule of law and upholding of human rights of the Venezuelan people,” Payne urged, highlighting that Australia had called for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to refrain from assuming Presidency on January 10.

The nation’s recognition of Guaido as interim President comes amidst a raging political crisis in the South American region.

On January 23, Guaido, the opposition leader, proclaimed himself as President of Venezuela to crowds of cheering protesters. He was immediately recognised as interim President by the USA.

The elected President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, labelled it as a coup attempt by the US authorities and severed all ties with the country. Following this, the USA appealed to nations to “pick a side” over the crisis in Venezuela at a UN Security Council meeting on Saturday.

Despite major protests and an ultimatum by most nations to hold fresh elections, Maduro continues to hold on to his post. Countries like Russia have backed Maduro while condemning international interference in the nation.

Other countries which have recognised Guaido as the interim President are Canada, UK, Brazil, amongst others.