Australia: Cyclone Veronica hits west coast, red alert issued

Pilbara: As tropical Cyclone Veronica begins to make landfall at the west coast, a red alert has been issued.
According to Al Jazeera, the cyclone has slowed down and the centre of the storm is currently located around 95 kilometre west of Port Hedland.

However, the core of the storm has reached land and is over the coast just east of Roebourne and west of Port Hedland. The centre is expected to stay near the coast for about 8 to 12 hours.

The delay in the cyclone’s movement will give people around the area to prepare for the destructive winds for an extended period on Sunday and Monday. Torrential rains are also expected along with the cyclone.

A significant rise in the tides is also likely, which might damage waves and the risk of dangerous coastal inundation.

Cyclone Veronica will eventually weaken overnight and will move to the west. Further weakening is forecast on Monday but the flooding rains will be an issue until the middle of the week.