Australia backs U.S. strike against ”thug and murderer” Assad

Australia has justified the United States decision to launch military strike against the Syrian regime, calling President Bashar al-Assad a “thug and a murderer.”

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr said the Syrian regime “deserves a response” for using chemical weapons to kill hundreds of innocent men, women and children, the Age reports.

Carr was upset after looking at a footage displaying neuro-toxic symptoms of a gas attack on youngsters and said: “What leader other than a thug and a murderer can approve that sort of assault on children?”

Although Australia will extend its support to the U.S. to take action against the Assad regime, it would not be contributing militarily to the attack, he further said.

Rudd has warned Australians in Syria to move out from there, as the likelihood increases that the U.S. government will fire missiles on the Syrian regime in coming days.

Senator Carr also urged Australians with backgrounds in the Middle East to “not take part in this civil war”. (ANI)