Aussie obesity pill claims to cut 18pc of your calorie intake

Melbourne, Aug 1 : Australian researchers have revealed an obesity pill which could reduce a person’s calorie intake by 18 percent.

According to the Researchers at the University of Adelaide, concentrated amounts of lauric acid reduces people’s appetite to the point where they consume 10-18 percent fewer calories in a day, the reported.

Lauric acid is a fatty acid found in coconut oil, beef and breast milk and the researchers found certain strengths of the substance containing 12 carbon atoms affect food consumption.

However, lead researcher Prof. Christine Feinle-Bisset said that their study didn’t mean people should start having coconut oil and further research was needed to see what happened when people replace some of the fat they eat with other sources.

In the study, patients were fed small amounts of lauric acid via a tube from their nose that went straight to their small intestine. Later, the patients’ energy intake was compared to a control group who were given a salt infusion.

Feeinle-Bisset said that there was a 10 to15 percent reduction in calories without any side effects.

She added that it might be healthier to give small amounts of these nutrients to people with a weight problem. (ANI)