Auric launches world’s first complete anti-ageing beverage

New Delhi: Zenith Drinks has announced the launch of beverages”>Auric beverages, positioned as the world’s first complete Anti-Ageing beverage.

Auric not just helps in restoring balance of free radicals and anti-oxidants but also enhances anti-inflammation capability of mind, body and skin. Apart from functionality, Auric is an epitome of vitality.

It is 100% natural with no chemicals or preservatives. Additionally, it is low calorie and much healthier than a fresh juice which usually comes loaded with high amount of natural sugar.

Auric is currently being retailed at over 500 stores in New Delhi, Chandigarh and Gurgaon. Distribution and scale is being supplemented by an online presence at Amazon, Big Basket, Milk Basket and Auric’s own website. Over the next three years, the Company plans to create a distribution network in the top 15 cities in India and in over five countries.

While Anti-Ageing – Ayurveda – Beverages is the discussion theme for today, Auric envisages a broader play in the category of Lifestyle Benefits, traditional science and convenient food formats.

“Auric is a unique innovation in the Functional foods segment that addresses the universal need of anti-ageing for health seekers and enthusiasts. Built with the mindset of contemporary Ayurveda, Auric wants to meet aspirations of modern consumer. I am confident that Auric will be a trend setter in the functional beverages category,” said founder and CEO, Zenith Drinks, Deepak Agarwal.

Longevity has been an aspiration of human race since time immemorial. More recently, the behemoths of Silicon Valley such as Google and Jeff Bezos have spent umpteen resources in enabling people to lead longer lives. However, Anti-Ageing which until recently was known mostly in the category of personal care and supplements is all set to make its debut in foods and beverages.

The brand believes that Ageing as a process starts the day we are born. 30 is when the first signs appear. Our current lifestyle leads to imbalance of free radicals and anti-oxidants along with chronic inflammation resulting in growth of Senescent cells i.e. Ageing cells.