August 3: Top 10 stories of the day

Hyderabad: Police warns of arrest for accepting KiKi challenge (continue reading)

Want to crack IAS exam? Here’s the golden opportunity (continue reading)

Hasin Jahan levels another ‘serious allegation’ against Shami, shares post on Facebook (continue reading)

After Raja Singh, Kishan Reddy makes statement on Rohingyas, Bangladeshis (continue reading)

Pakistan: Before, during and after the elections (continue reading)

‘Cow is our mother’: India becomes world’s top beef exporter (continue reading)

5 biggest British atrocities of the 20th century alone (continue reading)

‘Mulk’ is Hindu-Muslim love story (continue reading)

Salman to court: Let me travel abroad without permission (continue reading)

100 boats sent, Iran readying military exercise in Persian Gulf (continue reading)