Attempts are being made to wipe out civilization of India, says Chidambaram

Hyderabad: Former Union Finance Minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram told that every citizen of India is living in the atmosphere of fear whether they are bureaucrats, Dalits, Muslims or women. He further told that India is a multilingual and multicultural country. People following different faiths and speaking various languages live in it. Their religious practices and rituals are different but all of them constitute a nation and sing in one tone the national anthem. This is the beauty of India but as a conspiracy, attempts are being made to divide Indians.

Mr. Chidambaram was addressing the gathering organized by Manthan at Vidyaranya School, opposite Secretariat, Hyderabad yesterday. The function was organized to release his book, “UNDAUNTED”.

About his book, Mr. Chidambaram said that it is a collection of his writings published in 240 columns earlier. He mentioned that it is not our tradition to hate anyone who marries a boy of another religion, eats beef, claps when Pakistan gets victory in cricket match or criticizes the Government.

Giving the details of economic reforms, he said that during the past 30 years, many changes have been brought about in the Indian economy.

Criticizing BJP Govt., Mr. Chidambaram said that ever since Mr. Modi assumed power, the country has been divided further. When he was elected leader of the party with 282 seats in Lok Sabha, it was understood that the economy of India will improve but it did not happen.

He further said that GDP is determined on the basis of the statistics furnished by National Sample Survey. RBI furnishes the details of credits of various sectors which contain information about exports but Govt. refused to accept all these details. Vexed with this attitude of the Govt., head and member of the commission tendered resignations. He said that there are three stages of statistics. They are lie, greater lie and statistics. Based on statistics, Govt. is projecting wrong image. Every institution is under threat.

Highlighting the sub title of his book, “Saving the idea of India” is in fact protection of freedom assured in democracy. This idea does not allow people to kill Pehlu Khan who was taking three cows to a dairy farm. This idea is not meant for assaulting Dalits who were removing the skin of the dead cows. He also said that our idea does not allow us to hate a couple which celebrated inter caste marriage.

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