Attapur murder: A Father avenged his son’s murder

Hyderabad: The Gruesome cold murder at Attapur in Hyderabad yesterday that has shocked the city people was a father avenging his son’s murder.

According to reports, the assailants identified as Kishan Goud and Laxman Goud were waiting for an opportunity for the last eight months and had successfully executed the plan yesterday, TT reported.

Sources revealed that the murdered victim Ramesh allegedly killed Mahesh son of Kishan over a love affair in December following which Ramesh along with his associates were arrested by the Shamshabad rural police.

“In that connection, Ramesh, who got bail, was regularly appearing before a local court in Rajendranagar. Even on Wednesday morning, he had gone alone to the court and was on his way back. The assailants, who are his neighbours, were watching his movements for the past couple of months,” said Rajendranagar ACP K Ashok Chakravarthy reporting on the case.\

Sources said that yesterday, Ramesh attended the court alone and was waiting to take an auto to head home while the assailants were believed to have been waiting outside the court to attack Ramesh.

In no time the assailants obtained an axe and a knife and followed Ramesh all the way until they reached pillar 140 at Attapur.

Though Ramesh got inside an auto around 11.30 am, he was pulled out by the assailants even when on duty traffic police constable Lingamurthy intervened to save him.

“Ramesh ran towards Lingamurthy crying out for help as the two began beating him. The constable then made Ramesh sit on his bike and started to leave in an attempt to rescue him,” said Chakravarthy.

But the assailant Laxman chased the bike and made attempts to stop Lingamurthy, but were unsuccessful when Ramesh pushed them away.

“The duo then pulled Ramesh from the bike and in the process, both he and Lingamurthy fell on the road. Ramesh got up and tried to run away but the two chased him for about 100 metres. By this time, Lingamurthy caught hold of Laxman, who then threw the axe he was holding to Kishan, who chased down Ramesh and hacked him multiple times resulting in his death on the spot,” the ACP said.

With reports on no law and order in city and attempts to save Ramesh, Shamshabad Deputy Commissioner of Police N Prakash Reddy said that though police personnel, public and the shopkeepers near the crime scene tried to stop the assailants but failed since the other two assailants threatened people with the axe when they got close to save Ramesh.

The DCP further added strict action against the assailants would be taken apart from invoking the Preventive Detention Act in the case.