Attapur Murder: City Police to train officers, equip them with non-lethal arms

Hyderabad: After Hyderabad Police was criticized, condemned for turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the recent gory murder at Attapur, public outrage has shocked the city police for its incapability to deal with the deadly crime in time that could save a life.

Following huge criticism and widespread public outrage, the city police are working on training its personnel along with equipping them to prevent such incidents in the future.

Taking a significant step to avoid such incidents, DGP M Mahendar Reddy decided to specially train its field level policemen on how to handle such critical situations along with equipping the constables with non-lethal arms such as tasers, pepper spray to immobilize assailants.

Yesterday, IT minister KT Rama Rao reacting to the incident had requested DGP and three city police commissioners to “review and equip the policemen on the ground with adequate training so they can be alert and responsive,” on Twitter.

Responding to KTR’s tweet, DGP held a review meeting with senior cops, including city police commissioners to devise plans to prevent violent crimes.

“We have discussed the recent incidents and decided to come up with modalities to prevent such things from happening in future,” said the DGP.

Sources said that the city police has decided on giving specific training to field level cops from the rank of constable to subinspector on how to deal with such gory crimes and assaulters.

In the video footages of the murder at Attapur, law and order patrolling car just passed by the assailants without intervening the assault while the assailants continue hitting the victim with axe.

“We discussed equipping the field staff with non-lethal weapons such as tasers and pepper sprays to immobilize violent attackers,” said Cyberabad commissioner V C Sajjanar.