Attack on wife for treasure, wife escaped death

Hyderabad: A fake baba told an auto driver, Syed Rizwan that he has a treasure in his house at Pahadi Shareef for which his daughter or wife has to be sacrificed. In greed of the treasure, the husband made an attempt to sacrifice his wife but she was lucky enough to escape death trap.

According to the reports, Humaira (24) had got married to Syed Rizwan, Auto driver two years back. She also has a daughter. After the marriage, she was harassed by her sister-in-law, Reshman and other relatives of her husband. During this time, a fake baba told the auto driver that he has a treasure in his house. He has to sacrifice his wife or daughter to get it. The auto driver made an attempt to kill his wife with a sharp weapon. The woman somehow managed to escape and reported the matter to Chandrayangutta police. The police are investigating the case.


–Siasat News