Atrocities committed by Left in Kerala deserves national attention: Kiren Rijiju

New Delhi: Accusing Left parties of inflicting violence on RSS-BJP cadre in Kerala, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju on Saturday said people in rest of the country are unaware of the “atrocities” in the southern state as the issue has not been highlighted at the national level.

Rijiju, who is Minister of State for Home Affairs, praised the RSS and BJP workers for fighting the “rein of terror” in Kerala “without picking up arms” at a time when some youths in the state have been drawn towards “political fundamentalists” – an apparent reference to ISIS. “The central leaders of Left are at the forefront of discussing human rights, ideals and values in democratic society. They keep talking about following the rule of law.

But when we see reality (in Kerala) it is tragic.

“…the atrocities committed (by Left cadre) in Kerala deserve national attention, national debate. But it has never gained the kind of space it should have in our national media, electronic of print. That is why, I think, many people in our country do not know what is going on in Kerala,” Rijiju said. He made the remarks during a day-long seminar organised by Navodayam, an NGO formed by RSS member P Parmeshvar, here.

The Minister added, “Those who have access to the ground situation (in Kerala)…they only know what is (happening) there. Otherwise, it (the situation in Kerala) is totally a misrepresented case (in national media). The issue of atrocities on the democratic set up there needs to be raised.” With naming ISIS, he said individuals were attracted to “political fundamentalism” not due to economic reasons but “they were ideologically-driven” and described the trend as “sad”.

The Minister claimed the reports of RSS-BJP workers facing “brutality” at the hands of a “particular political group” are often heard. Yet the functionaries, he added, stand tall in adverse situations.

“To save themselves, to secure positions, people have gone to extreme methods, but I compliment, rather I should salute, especially the RSS workers and BJP workers, they are fighting without resorting to arms. This is really unique,” Rijiju said.

The event was also addressed by BJP national executive member V Muraleedharan, Communist Marxist Party general secretary CP John, RSS activist Sadanandan Master and author Advaita Kala. Rijiju said that his ministry will extend help to the workers if they targted in Kerala.

He also dismissed the charge of intolerance against BJP, saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi was at the receiving end of “most abusive language” on social media, yet the latter or the party did not “retort”. He also expressed hopes that given the enthusiasm among RSS-BJP workers in Kerala, the political fortune of the party “will turn” in time to come.

In his speech, Muraleedharan accused the Left parties of unleashing violence on workers of the saffron party. He claimed minorities and members of backward class communities were getting drawn towards the BJP in the state.

Echoing the views, John said leaders of the CPI(M) and other Left parties speak “democracy in Delhi and fascism in Kerala” and asserted that this “double-speak” should be exposed. He also charged Left workers with targeting minorities in the state. “This Stalinist onslaught must be exposed,” he added.