ATM dispenses fake Rs 500 currency notes in Greater Noida

Greater Noida: In a shocking incident, an HDFC Bank ATM in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida dispensed ‘torn and fake Rs.500 notes’ to the customers.

The notes were torn and some of the notes did not even had Mahatma Gandhi’s picture on it.

A resident named Dhramendra Nagar told Times of India that at around 4:45 PM, he visited the ATM to withdraw Rs 3,500 but to his surprise, it dispensed fake and torn notes.

“I withdrew Rs 3,500. I received cash in Rs 500-denomination notes. Five notes were fine, while the photo of Mahatma Gandhi was missing in two notes,” he said. he was quoted as saying by the .

When people tried reaching out to the Bank’s customer care number, no response was received.

With ANI inputs