An Atheist father says he will fight to convert back Hadiya as Akhila

Tiruvananthapuram: Hadiya’s father K M Ashokan is relentlessly trying to convert back his daughter as Akhila. He says that he is an atheist though his wife, Hadiya’s mother is a Hindu.

K M Ashokan also said that “She is my only daughter, I will fight to the end. I can’t accept that my daughter has gone with a terrorist.’’

Hadiya is now continuing her studies, doing internship in Homeopathy on the orders of the Supreme Court. Hadiya’s mother Ponnamma and K M Ashokan have been fighting a legal battle to get back their daughter.

In May, the Kerala High Court has annulled Hadiya’s marriage with Shefin Jahan, a Muslim. Since then Hadiya has been living with her parents with police protection.

Ponnamma said that “For the past two years, I have been praying to the Lord to give us our daughter back. She had even tried to persuade me to embrace Islam. She used to tell me, ‘Mother, you will go to hell since you believe in many gods’. She was made to believe that becoming a Muslim is a way to become rich.”

But Hadiya says that she has embraced Islam on her own will and she is willing to stay with her husband.