Asset growth of Raja Singh may surprise you

Hyderabad: BJP candidate, Mr. Raja Singh who is known for his controversial remarks got richer by 14, 107% over four years.

According to the report published in New Indian Express, in 2014, he had movable assets worth Rs. 2.02 lakh.

In 2018, as per his affidavit, he has assets worth Rs. 2.87 crore which includes movable assets worth Rs. 87.5 lakh.

In Haridas Market, Sultan Bazar, he bought a commercial building, New Indian Express reported.

In the same period, the wealth of Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdullah Balala who is contesting from Malakpet Assembly constituency increased by around 50%.

In 2014, the value of his assets was Rs. 3.9 crore. In 2018, he has assets worth Rs. Rs 5.83 crore.

He is the owner of commercial buildings in Machlikaman, Gulzar Houz and Panjeshah.

In 2014, the value of Danam Nagender’s assets was Rs 2.5 crore whereas, in 2018, he has assets worth Rs. 22 crore.