Assassination threat to PM Modi: Conspiracy to implicate Varavara Rao condemned

Hyderabad: After assassination threat to PM Modi came to limelight, revolutionary organizations alleged that the police is hatching a conspiracy to implicate Varavara Rao in it.

They said that it is a fake allegation and part of an organized conspiracy. They alleged that BJP is making an attempt to gain public sympathy for 2019 elections.

They also said that Modi’s credibility is getting affected and hence BJP is making an attempt to gain sympathy of the people.

BJP has formulated a massive plan and it is using police force for its implementation.

The leader of depressed classes who organized protest in Koregaon in Pune is also being threatened to suppress his voice.

They referred the statement given by Ram Madhav in which he had alleged that Maoists and Congress are ruining the country.

Mr. Varavara told that the letter is fake and baseless.

–Siasat News