Assam: Temple under the care of Muslim family for generations

Guwahati: When the world is becoming volatile and people are stopping at nothing to spread hatred in the name of religious differences and communal conflicts, a Muslim family residing in North Guwahati’s Rangmahal village is quietly spreading a message of love, peace and harmony to the world.

For generations, members of the family have been looking after a 500 year old Shiva temple constructed by their forefathers’, right behind their house.

The caretaker, Matibar Rehman says that Hindu and Muslim people alike come to the temple and offer prayers. Rehman goes on to maintain the temple well, as he says that it was his forefathers who asked the family members to take care and protect the temple and believed that the temple fulfils the wishes and desires of the people who offer prayer wholeheartedly.

One of the most interesting facts of this temple is that cutting across religious lines, both Hindus and Muslims throng the temple to offer prayers and perform rituals. They have firm belief on the deity and consider the temple as an epitome of Hindu-Muslim unity in the village.

Muslims perform ‘dua’ while Hindu’s perform ‘puja’ in the temple which is exemplary of communal harmony to the world.

Moreover, Rehman and his family offer ‘dua’ in the Shivalaya or Shiv temple.

Although the wave of violence and intolerance is sweeping the world and dividing us but people like Matibur Rehman can go on to inspire millions and spread a message of love, compassion, peace and unity in the world.