Assam Polls: LDP chief opts `Kejriwal style` for election campaign

Jorhat (Assam) : Nearing the date of assembly election in Assam, different political parties have launched aggressive campaigns to reach out to maximum voters.

Newspaper, TV, Radio and poster banners are flooded with campaign advertisements as they are conventional method of election campaign.

However, a unique idea of campaign has been opted by former BJP national executive member Pradyut Bora who has now formed his own party in Assam namely Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

Inspired by the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party unique campaign during the Assembly election in 2015, Pradyut Bora has formed a dance troop doing flash dance on streets of Jorhat.

The LDP chief said, “I was very surprised when I saw Kejriwal’s AAM Aadmi party workers branded a dance troop called ‘dance for democracy’ during the Delhi Assembly Elections last year. I liked it and hence in this election we are also using the same.”

When asked as to what had forced him to opt this idea, Bora said that his party is a new party and can’t afford the conventional method of campaign and hence he wants to use the guerrilla tactics.

“We are a new party. We don’t have money like the Congress and the BJP. So this is guerrilla warfare. What BJP, Congress is doing is conventional warfare. They are bombarding everywhere with advertisement. We are ambushing their bombarding by the Guerilla warfare,” he added. (ANI)