The assailants possessed all kinds of weapons, recalls Alwar victim

Bader (Haryana): At around 5 am, seven unidentified persons started firing on Ummar’s vehicle, when he was ferrying cows with Tahir and Javed. When the trio reached Ghahenkar on Alwar-Bharatpur border on Friday, they were gunned down by ‘Gau Rakshaks’.
Tahir recalled that, the assailants possessed all kinds of arms including a belt of cartridges. “Both Ummar and I were hit by bullets. It was then that Ummar screamed, ‘I am getting killed, let’s run’,” said Tahir. He was hit by bullet on his arms, he showed his bullet injuries while he recalled the incident, quoted Times of India.
“Javed was driving the vehicle. Ummar was on the other side and I was in the middle. We stopped the vehicle, flung open the door and ran. I did not know where Ummar or Javed were, nor could I look out for them. I was bleeding,” said tahir. While Javed managed to escape the bullets and fled.
“They fired at me, but I was lucky. I ran and reached Ghatmika, 2km from the spot,” recalled Javed.
The attackers started chasing them and hit Javed’s head with what it seemed like the butt of a gun. When he fell down, they caught his leg and tried to break it. But, one person from them said: ‘Rakesh let him be, anyway he’s dying, why waste time on him’.
“Then they left me and went away,” Javed recalled.
While, Tahir could reach a village in Sikri and asked a rider to ferry him. He met a quack for removing the bullet from his upper arm. They feared of being caught as there were ‘cow-smuggling’ cases already registered against them, and they did not take help from police.