Aspire a private jet journey? This Uber pool-like service lets you split the cost

California: While airfares may have come down for a lot of people out there, a take-off in a private jet is still a wealthy person’s luxury. To help you tick off one more thing from your bucket list, an app called Blackbird is allowing passengers to taste a bit of luxury by sharing the cost with fellow passengers.

As Mashable reported, Blackbird’s new service called Hitch is meant for passengers to fly on smaller private airplanes to split the cost of travel with the pilot as well as any passengers. So for instance, a USD 200 one-way trip for the pilot is divided among four riders, bringing the cost down to a meager USD 50 per person.

One of the benefits of the private jet trip is that you don’t require to reach the airport 2 hours prior to the departure time, and you can totally walk up to your own sweet little jet. The entire matching of passengers for the same route and booking is done through the Blackbird app. It includes details on pilots, their experience, and passenger ratings.

The aim behind the shared private trips is to put to use the empty seats which is mostly the case in private jets, and bring down the cost of travel. Blackbird is currently operating Hitch in California and is expected to soon reach Florida and New York. (ANI)