Aspirations of Kashmiris can’t be ignored or suppressed: Pak envoy

New Delhi: Pakistan High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit on Wednesday said that the root cause of all the problems between India and Pakistan is the ‘Jammu and Kashmir dispute’.

Speaking at an event organised by the Federation of Indian Exporters Organisation (FIEO) at New Delhi, Basit said, “Aspirations of Kashmiris can neither be ignored nor suppressed; sooner it is realised the better it would be.”

The High Commissioner also dwelt at length on the reasons that did not allow the two countries to bring mutual hostility to an end.

High Commissioner Basit said that Pakistan had always wanted a normal relationship with India as peace was not only in the interest of the two countries but also in the interest of the region as a whole.

He added that unilateralism and preconditions were a recipe for gridlock in inter-state relations

The Pakistan High Commissioner was invited by the organisation to speak on the challenges facing Pakistan-India relations. (ANI)