Ask questions, get laathis in return: BJP mob thrashed Muslim youth

LUCKNOW: In a shocking incident, a group of Bharatriya Janata Party (BJP) workers thrashed a Muslim youth for making anti-government remarks in Talk show.

The disturbing incident happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar on Wednesday, 6 March at the talk show anchored by journalist Narendra Pratap for the Hindi news channel ‘Bharat Samachar’.

The student was identified as Adnan. His parents live in Saudi Arabia and he was in Muzaffarnagar to write his board exams.

“There was an interview going as I was passing by so I participated. I said there was no work happening. They started saying things like I am a terrorist. Then they started beating me up. They were BJP people. Police hasn’t taken any action yet. I want them to be punished. They beat me up just because I am a Muslim. I spoke against the BJP. That is why they have beaten me,” Adnan told the media.

Narrating about the incident, news anchor Pratap told the media, “I asked him about the employment and education opportunities in the area. He started speaking. The BJP members then tried to stop him from speaking because he said there were no changes taking place. He hardly spoke 3-4 sentences, but the BJP members started thrashing him up. He started bleeding and ran for his life. The RLD members saved him. They wanted to get the police involved and took him away”.

The Muzaffarnagar Police has assured strict action but, no arrests have been made yet.

The video, that has gone viral on social media platforms and Twittertti condemned the incident