Ask Insights (India) announces a strategic alliance with The FutureWork Institute, Inc. (USA)

New Delhi: The coming together of two women-led firms from the East and West is truly symbolic of the Diversity and Inclusion work they so passionately embrace. Ask Insights (India) is proud to announce a strategic alliance with The FutureWork Institute, Inc.

In these times of rapid globalization, it is crucial to bring knowledge of different cultures together to bridge divisions and polarities and to transform systems within corporate, education, environmental and healthcare systems.

Ask Insights is a Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Organization led by Dr. Niru Kumar. The Consultants are Senior Doctors, Psychologists, NLP practitioners, and D&I Experts bringing with them a wealth of knowledge of Human Psychology and Physiology and applying it skillfully to the field of D&I.

The FutureWork Institute, Inc. led by Margaret Regan is a pioneer in the research and translation of future trends to transform organizations. Their objective is to prepare individuals and organizations to go through a mindshift, HeartShift, and SkillShifton the change journey to becoming more Inclusive and future fluent workplaces.

Ask Insights has been providing Consulting and Training to several Fortune 500 companies such as PepsiCo, Vodafone, SAP, Yum Foods, Walmart, Aditya Birla Group etc. Having trained more than 15,000 people across levels, industries, and locations, Dr. Niru has the expertise and experience to engage in large global projects and conversations and to work together with The FutureWork Institute on a number of these projects.

In planning for this Alliance, Margaret Regan made the point that “The FutureWork Institute has developed a number of virtual platforms to disseminate knowledge on several aspects of D&I such as Gender, Generations, Culture, and Unconscious Bias. This alliance will help take this knowledge to plants and factories situated in remote areas in India.” Dr. Niru Kumar added, “Technology can be such a boon in India. We plan to leverage the experience and knowledge of a US-based expert and have Indian experts customize the content to reflect the country context and bring it to remote India.”

In announcing the alliance, both founders commented, “We feel very fortunate to have this alliance. Margaret’s vision and experience are unmatched. Dr. Niru’s knowledge of Indian culture is unparalleled. Together we strive to transform society, organizations and the world towards authentic Inclusion.”