“Asifia Apple” now available in Telangana

Hyderabad: After the delicious Apples of Himachal and Kashmir, very soon red Apple will be available in the markets. It is being cultivated in Asifabad’s Kirameri Village in the fields of Balaji. He made it possible to cultivate Apple trees.

According to the reports, Horticulture Dept. had provided 150 Apple plants free of cost to Balaji. It is expected that in the next 45 days, Apple would be produced here. Balaji told that if Govt. provides drip irrigation facility, positive results would be expected. This village has less than 30 degree temperature which is favourable for the cultivation of Apples. Balaji had used indigenous fertilizers to keep the Apples free from pesticides. The cultivators of surrounding areas are inclined to cultivate Apples in the future. They say that various other fruits which are produced in cold areas can also be produced here.

–Siasat News