Asif Khan calls Atishi a ‘Jew’; here’s how AAP leader responds

Creating uproar in the election campaign in New Delhi, former Congress MLA Asif Mohammed Khan labelled AAP Candidate Atishi as a Jew. AAP clarified that Atishi is a Punjabi Hindu. Her Parents had added Marlena as a token of their political association with Marx and Lenin. Asif Mohammed Khan blamed AAP for dropping the suffix Marlena from her name.
The defeated Okhla Congress leader Asif Mohammed Khan is famous for his weird acts. Sometimes he climbs the water tank or electricity polls like Dharmendra. But this time he has made a foolish remark. Asif Muhammed Khan should know that one becomes a Jew by birth not by choice. He has given statement just to provoke voters.
Responding to the Asif’s comment, Atishi said though she doesn’t know what’s there in the Quran one thing is sure that every religion forbids lies. And by telling lies Asif Mohammed Khan is violating his own religious teachings.