Asian stripped, tortured and filmed… gang jailed

Dubai, January 31: In an act of revenge, 12 Asian men locked up a compatriot, stripped him naked, tortured him and filmed the actions before dumping him on the street.

According to records, the 25-year-old victim was fooled into meeting the group in one of their homes. The moment he entered, they locked the door and began assaulting him. They allegedly hit him with a big stick and bottle. They burnt his hair, shaved his beard and forced him to drink sewage water. They also stripped him and burnt him with cigarette butts and filmed the acts, before dumping him in a residential area.

The Ajman Criminal Court sentenced the 12 men to prison terms between one month and one year. All of them will be deported after serving their respective terms. They have been charged with kidnap, assault and filming the incident, reported ‘Emarat Al Youm’.

The accused, meanwhile, told the court that they were taking revenge because the victim had caused them several problems in their native country.