Asia Cup: Here’s why India-Afghanistan tie made this young fan break down

Abu Dhabi: Arjan Singh, a little boy who was seen breaking down after Tuesday’s India-Afghanistan clash ended in a tie, has revealed the reason why he could not hold back his tears.

Speaking to ANI, Singh said, “I cried because I did not want Mahendra Singh Dhoni to lose his last match as an ODI captain and his 200th match as the skipper.”
The India-Afghanistan game came to an end with a nail-biting draw owing to Rashid Khan’s brilliant last over.

Needing just seven runs off the final over, the Indian team scored six runs off the first four balls to level the score. But on the fifth ball, Khan got the better of Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja and bowled the Men in Blue for 252.

Expressing his emotions during the final tense overs of the match, Arjan said that he was really happy with the way the match was going on, but the moment Jadeja got out on the penultimate ball of the match, he could not hold himself back.

“I liked the match. I liked that Dhoni was captain. I was happy, but at the last ball, when Jadeja was trying to hit a six, I noticed that fielder was exactly at the pitch of the boundary. Then the ball got caught by the fielder and I cried,” Singh said.

Reflecting on his own playing skills, the little fan claimed that he is practising to be an all-rounder.

The Dhoni fan also wished the Indian team for their Asia Cup final against Bangladesh.