ASEAN foreign ministers admonish to stop killings of Rohingya Muslims

Thailand: At the end of one day meeting, the foreign ministers of ASEAN have decided to take special steps to stop the killings of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar but it would yield positive result only when the government of Myanmar extends its cooperation.

It may be mentioned that Thailand is the Chairman of the ASEAN countries now. It shares its border with Myanmar. Thousands of Rohingya Muslims were forced to take refuge in Thailand in addition to going to Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

The news indicated that Rohingya Muslims of Rakhine Province of Myanmar have left their native places and took shelter in the neighbouring countries.

A large number of Rohingya Muslims have taken shelter in Bangladesh.

In the recent attack of Buddhists on Rakhine province on 25th August 2017, more than 6000 Rohingya Muslims were killed and over 10 lakh were forced to take shelter in Bangladesh.

UNO has declared Rohingya Muslims as the worst victims.