Asad opposes “Triple Talaq Bill” in Parliament

Hyderabad: The NDA government has introduced a bill against ‘Triple Talaq’ in the name of ‘Muslim Women’s Marriage Rights Protection Bill’ in Parliament on Thursday.

Participating in the discussion, MIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi opposed the bill stating that it was violating the primary rights. Extending support to Asaduddin, BJD MP Barthruhari Mahathab has said the bill was full of mistakes. There were many deviations in the bill, he said.

Clearing doubts raised by Asaduddin and Mahathab, Union Law Minister Ravishankar Prasad has stated the bill was to protect the rights of Muslim women, but not against a religion or tradition. The Centre prepared the bill stating that ‘Triple Talaq’ will be invalid if said directly or in writing or in electronic form. The Courts will punish the husbands utters Talaq thrice. There was a chance to women to approach Court to get monthly compensation. The Muslim women would also able to get protection of the minor children through Courts, Ravishanker Prasad said.