Arvind Kumar spoke on upcoming projects in State

Hyderabad: The Asia Singapore Infrastructure Roundtable is the premier platform for dialogue between government leaders, policy makers, investors and infrastructure companies on Asian infrastructure projects. This is the eighth run and since its inauguration, it has attracted more than 1600 industry practitioners, with over US$8 billion worth of project discussed.

For this year’s discussion, Minister MAUD KT Rama Rao had been invited to discuss its steps towards strengthening infrastructure and to highlight current and future urban development plans and priorities of the State government and specific projects where companies can participate to tap the urban development opportunities in Telangana.

On behalf of the Government of Telangana and Minister MAUD, Principal Secretary MAUD, Arvind Kumar gave a presentation regarding the upcoming projects in the presence of representatives of 14 different companies. The major projects that were highlighted were the Airport Express line of Hyderabad Metro, Ring Main and Radial Main along the Outer Ring Road, Regional Ring Road and Satellite townships around the proposed junctions.