Arvind Kumar inspects 20 MLD sewerage treatment plant at city lake

Hyderabad: MA&UD Principal Secretary Arvind Kumar today inspected the 20 MLD Sewerage Treatment plant at Khairatabad. He went round the plant and reviewed the performance and facilities created for the Hussain Sagar Lake to improve water quality of the lake.

Arvind Kumar observed that one of the tertiary treatment unit of 20MLD STP i.e. Membrane filtration was not working since one-and-a-half years and the monitoring system SCADA was also not being used because of maintenance issues. He instructed HMDA Chief Engineer BLN Reddy to immediately call for tenders for Comprehensive Operation and Maintenance of 3 STPs and 10 Interception and Diversion structures for three years, including repairs, replacements and refurbishment of the worn out membrane unit and proper functioning of Electro Mechanical equipments to meet the functional guarantees and designed standards at an estimated cost of Rs 47 crore. He immediately approved the file for calling for tenders on e-Procurement platform.

The Principal Secretary also directed the Chief Engineer to constitute a Committee comprising ENC (PH), CE (HMDA), CGM (HGCL) to examine the tender documents to ensure that the discharge standards comply with that as specified originally while designing the facilities to improve the water quality of Hussain Sagar Lake. To this, BLN Reddy explained about the facilities created under the project such as 30 MLD STP at Picket Nala, 5 MLD STP at Rangadhamini Cheruvu Kukatpally and 10 Interception & Diversion (I&D) Structures constructed across the four Nalas leading to Hussain Sagar Lake.
He observed the treated water quality, test reports and the designed parameters of the STPs along with the Recycled and Reused treated water, which was being used for the maintenance of the surrounding landscapes gardens like NTR Garden, Sanjeevaiah Park and landscapes along the Necklace Road. He also observed the facilities constructed under Hussain Sagar Lake and Catchment Improvement Project (HCIP) and its working condition.