Arvind Kejriwal compares BJP with Hitler says they will ‘abolish elections’

New Delhi: The AAP has said it will end the “dictatorship” of Modi-Shah combine by winning all the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi in the upcoming General Assembly polls.

The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal alleged that the BJP was “scheming” to abolish elections if it comes to power.

Responding to this the Delhi BJP president Manoj said, “Anyone with even a little knowledge of the Constitution, let alone a chief minister, cannot talk like that.”

Arvind Kejriwal while addressing party volunteers from northeast Delhi Lok Sabha constituency said BJP’s rule was similar to what Hitler had done when he came to power.

Kejriwal also reminded that BJP president Amit Shah had recently said in a rally that if BJP comes to power in 2019, they will stay in power for another 50 years.

The Delhi Chief said “This is part of BJP’s scheme. Just like Hitler had done in Germany, the BJP is also planning to amend the constitution and eventually abolish the practice of elections altogether! If Modi comes to power again, BJP will change the constitution and end democracy and elections altogether.”

In 2014 general elections the BJP had won Delhi’s all seven Lok Sabha seats which it will try to regain while contesting against the AAP and the Congress.