Arvind Kejriwal administers pledge to school kids to keep Delhi pollution free

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday urged school children to ask their parents to follow the odd-even scheme.

“You should talk to and convince your parents to get a Pollution Under Control certificate… Convince your parents to follow the odd-even rule,” Kejriwal told students here.

“Call up your relatives and friends and tell them not to violate it. This will only be successful when it becomes a big movement.

“Vehicular pollution is the main reason why we are here… After conducting car-free day on 22nd of every month, we calculated pollution and it was comparatively lesser,” he said.

“This encouraged us to implement this odd-even formula for a trial period of 15 days,” Kejriwal said, adding: “We will start vacuum cleaning on streets around April, like it’s done in Europe… The Delhi government is also building by-pass corridors to avoid trucks (Haryana and Uttar Pradesh route only) entering Delhi.”