Arunachal’s Nyishi community celebrates ‘Boori Boot Yullom’ festival

Itanagar : Arunachal Pradesh is an amalgamation of diverse cultures and festivals, inhabits by 26 major tribe and each tribe has its own cultures and tradition. Recently, Nyishi tribe celebrated ‘boori boot festival’ with great enthusiasm.

Dressed in colorful attires, men and women gathered at Nirjuli town in Arunachal Pradesh to celebrate ‘ Boori Boot Yullom’ festival.

Boori Boot means getting together to welcome the spring and successful harvest.

It is a 3-day festival celebrated by the Hill-Miris of Nyishi community in the month of February.

During the festival, people invoke God to bless them with prosperity and seek protection from any kind of disease.

A group of women in traditional attire form a circle and perform a colorful traditional dance to mark the event.

“By celebrating such kind of festival gives us the feeling of unity and it also helps in spreading the message of brotherhood. It is not only Boori boot but any kind of festivals in Arunachal like Nyokum, Solung, or Mopin are all connected to nature,” said Ninong Ering, MP, Arunachal Pradesh

Another aspect of the festival is that people apply ‘etting’ or flour on their face and body.

On the occasion, young girls wear headgears made of canes and bamboo, bead necklaces, brass chains and heavy bracelets and perform a traditional dance with song and gaiety.

Later, kids also join in the traditional dances.

“From a long time Nyishi community is celebrating this festival “Boori boot”. This festival is celebrated particularly in two districts of Arunachal i.e Upper Subansiri and Lower Subansiri district,” said Nito, a participant

“On this occasion, youngsters, old, kids and everyone celebrate Boori Boot with zeal. It is not only for a single person or community but it is celebrated for the happiness as a whole. Around four to five thousand people participate in this festival,” said a local woman.

Nyishi community is mostly inhabited in Subansiri, Kurung Kumey, Papum Pare, Kameng districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

Such festivals not only help in preserving their rich culture but also provide a chance to the young generation to find out more about their culture. (ANI)