Aruna seeks Jogulamba district with Gadwal as HQ

Alleging that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was showing clear discrimination in creating new districts, Congress leader and former minister DK Aruna demanded that the State government carve out Jogulamba district making Gadwal as district headquarters.


Speaking at Assembly media hall here on Thursday, DK Aruna said she clearly told the Cabinet Sub-committee on new districts about the aspirations of the people on Gadwal district. She said Gadwal was the right place for creating a new district in terms of resources and geography. Questioning the Chief Minister as to why he was hostile towards Nadigadda people, Aruna said the Chief Minister might be having grudge as two MLAs were from Congress party. She also asked the government on what basis it was creating new districts and said it was strange there was no mention of Gadwal in the list of 17 new districts.

Aruna asked the Chief Minister to create new district, including Gadwal, Alampur and Makthal Assembly constituencies. Gadwal in the center has perfect vaastu with Vaishnava and Shaivaite temples. She demanded that the government make a statement on Gadwal district at the all-party meeting. (NSS)