Arun Jaitley praises Budget as pro-poor, pro-farmer and pro-growth

New Delhi: Union Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday described the Interim Budget as “pro-growth, fiscally prudent, pro-farmer, pro-poor” and one that gives more purchasing power to the Indian Middle Class.

Taking to Twitter, Jaitley who is in the US for medical treatment, said that all budgets presented by the Narendra Modi government have given significant relief to the middle class, referring to the income tax limit being raised to Rs 5 lakh.

“Between 2014-19, every Budget has given significant relief to the Middle Class. The Budget expands spending while pragmatically sticking to fiscal prudence.”

“The Budget is unquestionably Pro-Growth, Fiscally prudent, Pro-Farmer, Pro-Poor and strengthens the purchasing power of the Indian Middle Class,” he added.

The Minister also lauded Finance Minister Piyush Goyal for delivering an ‘excellent’ budget which addresses the various challenges of the economy.

“My compliments to Piyush Goyal for delivering an excellent Budget. The Budget furthers the agenda of the government headed by Prime Minister Modi to comprehensively address the challenges of the economy,” Jaitley wrote.

He emphasised that the Budget is also a way in which the government can introspect its performance. He tweeted, “Interim Budgets are also an opportunity for the government of the day to introspect their performance of the last five years and place its facts before the people.”

This is the sixth budget that the NDA government has presented in its tenure.