Art Deco Jewellery -An ode to cubism

New Delhi [India]: The roaring twenties witnessed the advent of an evocative movement: Art Deco.

This style revolution manifested from Paris only to spread rapidly across the globe, transcending from art and architecture to various other forms of expression. The iconic style still commands its influence on the designs of buildings, jewellery, and apparel to name a few.

Art Deco jewellery catches our attention with its bright colours and straight lines. The use of geometric forms and motifs sustain the essence of twentieth century Europe but also features trendy and modern touches.

The signature style of this jewellery is geometric and graphic patterns and draws references from ” cubism” that frequently forms the premise for Art Deco designs.

“There are two forces that play together to deliver an edgy finesse to an Art Deco piece. There is this very profound, geometric structure and then there is a unique expression that happens within that structure,” says Sreenivas Reddy, Principle Jewellery Designer,

Art Deco jewellery lends itself well to diverse sartorial situations and here’s how you can make a style statement for different occasions.

Casual wear:

The clean lines and geometric design structures lend themselves easily to casual wear. Choose a pair of gold earrings with concentric circles that evoke a miniature depiction of a European theatrical set-up. Pair these with a top and jeans or casual pants to add the perfect amount of casual chic glamour.

Cocktail party:

Art Deco jewellery often combines edgy modernist design elements with glittering diamonds to create a truly distinctive accessory. Jazz up your fashion quotient with a dangler crafted like symmetric leaflets and a stacked tennis bracelet, with sharp lines and accents rather than delicate chains, to be the centre of attention. ( ANI)