Arshi Khan enjoyed Holi with Goan hues this year

Goa: Bigg Boss 14 star Arshi Khan took time off to spend Holi with a Goan twist on Monday. She has been busy shooting here for an upcoming series.

The actress recalled how she was a shy child and would be scared of the festival back in the day.

“As a shy kid and an introvert, on the day of Holi I feared going in the social circle of neighbourhood friends. Yet, they used to come home and force me into the wildness of their colours. Eventually, I conquered my fear. With time now, I love this festival. I just enjoy playing Holi,” Arshi Khan said.

This year, Arshi spent the day with crew and a few friends. She shared pictures and videos from her celebrations on Instagram.

“We are at a farmhouse with few of my co-actors and now friends. We enjoyed a colourful day with very less colour but more fun. We enjoyed, the dance, good food and songs. Holi turned out to be a special celebration this year. I enjoyed a lot. We took care of all Covid-19 guidelines,” Arshi Khan said.

Arshi Khan is known for featuring in shows like “Vish” and “Savitri Devi College & Hospital.”