Arshad gets down and dirty

Mumbai, June 10: Arshad Warsi can’t stop raving about his role in Vishal Bharadwaj’s Ishquiya shot in Gorakhpur.

But when it comes to the topic of his look in the movie
, he has a totally different story to tell. “I’m so dirty in the film that it was actually painful for me,” the actor reminisces. Elaborating on his look, Arshad says his skin tone is about five shades darker than normal. “I had to put bronzer all over my body everyday and that would take a good amount of time. After that, quite a lot of dirt would be put on me.” And as if this wasn’t enough, Arshad then had to use a spray to make him look sweaty. “I was anyway sweating all the time,” he says.

To complete the look, he had to sport a thick line of kajaal and wear dirty clothes. “I would go on the sets every morning, absolutely fresh and then I’d look at the clothes and think ‘Oh no! I have to wear this disgusting stuff’. But I have to say, the end result has turned out to be fantastic,” the actor adds.