Arrests in explosives case: Who’s behind these Hindutva groups?

Maharashtra ATS has so far arrested 5 terrorists belonging to Hindutva groups. These terrorists aim at establishing a Hindu Rashtra. The 5th terrorist arrested in the explosive case was Avinash Pawar alias Ajit Dada who was associated with Shivpratishthan. He is said to be well-trained and is also associated with Sanathan Sanstha and Hindu Jagran Samithi. All the terrorists arrested possessed bombs, explosives and other harmful material. The probe should be ordered to know from where Avinash and others got bomb manufacturing training? Who is helping and funding them?

Looking at the situation it seems that a big Hindutva organisation is working behind them. There are a number of Hindutva organisation in Maharashtra. Be with whatever name, but their motive is common; to target Muslims. These Hindutva groups target Muslims in two ways. Firstly they conduct blasts in which Muslim youth are accused. Secondly, they target places where maximum destruction could be caused to Muslims. The same modus operandi was used in Malegaon, Samjhauta express and Makkah Masjid blasts.

Surprisingly media, which raise a hue & cry in cases where Muslims are involved, did not show any sensation on the arrest of these 5 terrorists. The story was presented as a routine news story. If the union home ministry is sincere regarding the security of the country it should take serious note of this major incident and take immediate action.

Excerpts from an Editorial