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Around 662 violators booked on the sixth day of odd-even

Around 662 violators booked on the sixth day of odd-even

New Delhi: Around 662 violators of the odd-even scheme were booked today, the sixth day of the car- rationing measure implementation, while Delhi Metro witnessed a slight rise in its ridership.

Police said it penalised 95 motorists for violating the vehicular restriction norms as against yesterday’s figure of 130.

The enforcement teams of the government’s transport department fined around 41 motorists, while the revenue department booked 526 people.

Yesterday, the authorities had booked 743 violators of the scheme, which will stay in force till January 15.

359 auto-rickshaw drivers were booked for refusing passengers or not plying as per the meter on roads in the national capital.

Delhi Metro officials said that the ridership saw a jump of over 1,05,045 than last Thursday with 20,35,545 commuters using the services as on 8 PM today.

Ridership of Yellow Line and Blue Line, the busiest corridors, were 7,06,859 and 7,43,182 respectively.

The odd-even scheme brought by the AAP government as part of a pilot plan to cut air pollution in the city was rolled out on January 1. The rules apply only from Monday to Saturday. January 3, being a Sunday, did not fall under the ambit of the new norm.