Arnab’s Republic calls ABP news reporter ‘goon’, channel demands on-air apology

NEW DELHI: ABP News, one of India’s leding Hindi news channels, ‘demands’ on-air apology from Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV for branding its reporter as a ‘goon’.

According to Janta Ka Reporter news, Arnab Goswami during a live broadcast on Tuesday night accused the supporters and listeners present at Mevani’s rally of intimidating his female colleague Shivani Gupta.

He claimed that Mevani’s goons heckle and make lewd gestures at the channel’s reporter.

While broadcasting images of several individuals, the channel also portrayed the image of columnist Pratishtha Singh’s husband Jainendra Kumar by circling his image in red

Jainendra is currently a reporter with ABP News Hindi and in the video.

While maligning their image,Goswami had screamed, “Tonight I will put out videos circling the pictures of the vulgar thugs who tried to intimidate Shivani and failed.”

ABP’s Abhisar Sharma took to Facebook to express his anger. He angrily wrote,

“Last night, not only did a so-called news channel Republic TV portray an innocent person as a goon, but also called one of India’s finest TV reporters, Jainendra Kumar, a goon by circling his image. What’s this channel about? Where have they come from? What kind of mentally sick people are running this channel? Who are goons here? It’s they who broadcast anything they wish, who defame others by taking supari from a particular political party. This is the first time a news channel has called a reporter from another news channel a goon. They are crossing every limit and there’s nobody, who can restrain these extortionists.”

Sources told Janta Ka Reporter, Goswami has reportedly apologized but ABP is adamant for a formal on-air apology on channel’s prime time show failing which a defamation case will be file against Republic TV.

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