Arnab’s boss Vineet Jain just did a Surgical Strike on Times Now’s editor-in-chief

New Delhi: Times Now’s editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami is the one who is known for his harsh and screaming behaviour on screen and is always ready to train his guns at the panelists.

Goswami, who proclaimed himself to be the messiah of journalism in India been carrying out a concerted campaign to ban Pakistani artists after Indian army claimed to have conducted surgical attacks.

On Wednesday, Arnab was left red-faced after his boss Vineet Jain, tweeted a view which contradict to that of Goswami’s.

Vineet Jain, the Managing Director of BCCL, has been constantly showing support for the Pakistani artists working in India.

This was not the first time that Jain showed support for Pak artist. On September 30, he wrote, “Surgical strike proved that we are against terrorists&not civilians.Pak artists are civilians.It gives India a high moral ground globally.”

Now nation really wants to know if Arnab Goswami has the guts to question his super boss.

Why only people like like Saeed Mirza, Mita Vashisht, Om Puri, and Sudheendra Kulkarni on air has to get a teaching lessons from Arnab? Why not Arnab taunt his Boss for his support for Pak artist?

Jain’s tweet prompted many to post reactions highlighting the obvious contradiction between him and his employee (read Arnab Goswami) on Pakistan.

Here are some reactions post Jain’s tweet which prompted many to highlight the obvious contradiction between him and his employee: