Army man killed for defending woman’s honour

Meerut, Aug 15 : An Army man was brutally beaten to death by eve teasers after he tried to defend a woman they were molesting.

The incident took place on Thursday when few eve teasers started teasing the daughter of a dairy man. The Army man, Vedmithra Choudhary opposed them which resulted in a fight.

In the fight Vedmithra suffered a head injury and was carried to hospital where he later succumbed to death.

Speaking to media, Om Prakash, SP said, “the incident took place AT Haridev Nagar on Thursday around 7 PM when Vedmithra had gone to fetch milk from a local dairy store and there he had a heated argument with the eve teasers and engaged himself in a fight.”

“During the fight he suffered a head injury and was hospitalized and later he succumbed to death there” Prakash said

“This is a sad incident which took place prior to the Independence Day and he should be considered as a martyr” he added

” I was going to serve tea to my father and brother when few men started teasing me and my brother and the Fauji started opposing them soon. Then they had an argument and one of eve teaser slapped the Fauji which resulted in a fight,” said the woman whom the army man tried to protect.

“They were over powered and they left and returned with their villagers and started beating the Fauji with bricks and spades” she added

Three out four eve teasers have been arrested and are in police custody. (ANI)